{'body': u' \U0001f496\U0001f31f\U0001f496 TOP PERFECT SPA \U0001f31f GRAND OPEN \U0001f496\U0001f31f\U0001f496

\U0001f451 All Renovated & Excellent Condition

\U0001f493 10 New Sweet & Young Beauties

\U0001f451 Be the KING today and reward yourself

\U0001f493 Come unwind in the Clean & Private Rooms

\U0001f451 Table Shower & Full Body Massage

\U0001f493 Four Hands/Swedish/Deep tissue/Hot stone

\U0001f451 Enjoy Our Great Massage

\U0001f493 OPEN 24 Hours 7 Days

\U0001f451 162nd St, Flushing, NY 11358

\u260e\ufe0f CALL NOW: 347-506-6929 \U0001f48b

', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['3475066929'], 'createdon': 1508764800, 'pid': 24505006, 'phone': '3475066929', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136177427, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136177427, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '1044006a4ab2c573770ce119fc5c29fb', 'post_id': 24505006, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '1/0/4/4/1044006a4ab2c573770ce119fc5c29fb', 'full_path': '1/0/4/4/1044006a4ab2c573770ce119fc5c29fb'}], 'id': 24505006, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '347-506-6929', 'videos': [{'hash_content': None, 'vid': 2583867, 'link': 1, 'file_size': None, 'id': 2583867, 'cover_path': 'f/4/9/0/f49033031a2bbad160eeb2466a5ae082', 'name': '693351fd5fd11012a3d44dd83f4409d1', 'cover_name': 'f49033031a2bbad160eeb2466a5ae082', 'video_path': '6/9/3/3/693351fd5fd11012a3d44dd83f4409d1', 'cover': 'f49033031a2bbad160eeb2466a5ae082', 'full_path': '6/9/3/3/693351fd5fd11012a3d44dd83f4409d1', 'video_name': '693351fd5fd11012a3d44dd83f4409d1'}], 'title': u'\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514Open 24 hours\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f(3475066929) \u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f10 Girls \U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514\u2764100%Young Beautiful\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'162nd St,NY 11358\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764\ufe0f\U0001f514\u2764\ufe0f\u2764, Flushing, Queens', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 1

Mon. Oct. 23
{'body': u" We're Geisha-trained - we love what we do. Pleasure, passion, fun guaranteed!

Call us! 917 584 8393 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9175848393'], 'createdon': 1508764800, 'pid': 24504842, 'phone': '9175848393', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136176545, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136176545, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'f636b88d0e9805d5a947f5dc40aa5403', 'post_id': 24504842, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'f/6/3/6/f636b88d0e9805d5a947f5dc40aa5403', 'full_path': 'f/6/3/6/f636b88d0e9805d5a947f5dc40aa5403'}], 'id': 24504842, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '917-584-8393', 'videos': [], 'title': u'We Asians can make a good dog break his leash! 24/7. ', 'age': 26, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Manhattan, Midtown West', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 2
{'body': u" Hey luvs I'm Africa\U0001f36b\U0001f4a6\U0001f495YES I do foot worships and foot feties my Feet are always done \U0001f4a6 \U0001f61c\U0001f618 I am 4/20 \U0001f343\U0001f343\U0001f333 I smoke No trades \u270c\U0001f3feI'm available to upscale older men only \U0001f61d\U0001f4a6
\u2763\u2113\u0454\u0442 \u043c\u03b5 \u0442\u044f\u0454\u03b1\u0442 \u04af\u03c3\u03c5 \u2113\u03b9\u043a\u03b5 \u03b1 \u043a\u03b9\u0438g NO black Guys under the age of 52\u2763

this\U0001f366Sw\xa3\xa3T && ThiCk\U0001f36c can be \U0001f6a8 SuPEr ADDiCTiVE I'll Keep U CoMiNg \U0001f519!\U0001f60d\U0001f61b NO BBJ\U0001f6ab NO GFE\U0001f6abYes I do foot worship and foot feties NON RUSHED\U0001f6ab I DO NOT SEND ADDITIONAL PICTURES \U0001f6ab Please don't ask \U0001f6ab\U0001f618\U0001f48e \u0443\u0454\u0455, \u03b9'\u043c 100% \u044f\u03b5\u03b1\u2113, My tattoos match in all my pictures & in person very \u0455\u03b1f\u0454 \u03b1\u0438\u2202 \u2202\u03b9\u0455\xa2\u044f\u0454\u0442\u0454.. \u03b7\u03c3 \u2202\u03b9\u0455\u03b1\u03c1\u03c1\u03c3\u03b9\u0438\u0442\u043c\u0454\u0438\u0442's(;
\U0001f48e \xa2\u2113\u03b1\u0455\u0455\u0443, \u03c5 \u03c1 \u0455 \xa2 \u03b1 \u2113 \u0454 , \xa2\u03c3\u043c\u03c1\u03b1\u0438\u03b9\u03c3\u0438
\U0001f48e \u03c9\u03b9\u0442\u043d \u043c\u0454, \u0443\u03c3\u03c5\u044f \u0455\u03b1\u0442\u03b9\u0455f\u03b1\xa2\u0442\u03b9\u03c3\u0438 \u03b9\u0455 \u03b1\u2113\u03c9\u03b1\u0443\u0455 g\u03c5\u03b1\u044f\u03b1\u0438\u0442\u0454\u0454\u2202 !
\u2705100% \xa2\u2113\u0454\u03b1\u0438
I'm 5/11 165 lbs \U0001f36b\U0001f618 long chocolate soft legs \u263a\ufe0f\U0001f61d\u2714100% \u03c5\u0438\u044f\u03c5\u0455\u043d\u0454\u2202 \u0455\u0454\u044f\u03bd\u03b9\xa2\u0454
\u2705100% \u0455\u03b1f\u0454\U0001f3e0 private home \U0001f3e0\U0001f3e1
\u2714100% \u03b9\u0438\u2202\u0454\u03c1\u0454\u0438\u2202\u0454\u0438\u0442

347-630-2192 You come to me \U0001f698\U0001f3e1 \U0001f61c\U0001f60bCall me No Texting \u263a\ufe0fPlease NO BLACK /African American Men under the age of 52 I will hang up on YOU and Block you \U0001f4a6\U0001f917\U0001f618\U0001f4454/20 friendly \U0001f343\U0001f343\U0001f333

\U0001f497\u03b1\u044f\u0454 \u0443\u03c3\u03c5 \u044f\u0454\u03b1\u2202\u0443 f\u03c3\u044f \u03b1\u0438 \u0454\u03c7\u03c1\u0454\u044f\u03b9\u0454\u0438\xa2\u0454 \u03c3f \u03b1 \u2113\u03b9f\u0454\u0442\u03b9\u043c\u0454? Call COCo\U0001f4a6\U0001f445\U0001f36b
\U0001f497 \u0438\u03c3 \u0454\u03c7\u03c1\u2113\u03b9\xa2\u03b9\u0442 \u0442\u03b1\u2113\u043a \u03c3\u044f excessive \u0442\u0454\u03c7\u0442 \u043c\u0454\u0455\u0455\u03b1g\u0454s..

Serious gents only\u2763Call me No Texting please call only \u263a\ufe0f\U0001f4a6 when you are ready \U0001f61d\U0001f618at 347-630 -2192\U0001f618 \U0001f4a6\U0001f4a6

\U0001f440 baby don't waste my time\U0001f495and I won't waste yours\U0001f618 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['3476302192'], 'createdon': 1508764800, 'pid': 24502519, 'phone': '3476302192', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136162663, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136162663, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'fc78c65e2b130e3d821db79335c83045', 'post_id': 24502519, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'f/c/7/8/fc78c65e2b130e3d821db79335c83045', 'full_path': 'f/c/7/8/fc78c65e2b130e3d821db79335c83045'}], 'id': 24502519, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '347-630-2192', 'videos': [{'hash_content': None, 'vid': 2583386, 'link': 1, 'file_size': None, 'id': 2583386, 'cover_path': 'b/e/a/3/bea375e59b392180ea744b869737b9e8', 'name': 'b9b36dc0ee0816f1813cd3e3dbde33db', 'cover_name': 'bea375e59b392180ea744b869737b9e8', 'video_path': 'b/9/b/3/b9b36dc0ee0816f1813cd3e3dbde33db', 'cover': 'bea375e59b392180ea744b869737b9e8', 'full_path': 'b/9/b/3/b9b36dc0ee0816f1813cd3e3dbde33db', 'video_name': 'b9b36dc0ee0816f1813cd3e3dbde33db'}], 'title': u"\U0001f924\U0001f938\U0001f3fe\u200d\u2640\ufe0f\U0001f4a6\U0001f445\U0001f61dYour 5/11 African Amazon Let me bounce it Like a \U0001f3c0 \U0001f4a6\U0001f36b Gentlemen's 1\ufe0f\u20e3Choice \U0001f618\U0001f60b\U0001f4a6\U0001f61c ", 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Brooklyn, Chruch Flatbush area private Home\U0001f3e1\U0001f3e0', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 3
{'body': u" YES ITS ME \u2757\ufe0f
\u2b50\ufe0fVery Upscale.. \u2b50\ufe0f
I'm 5'5 with hazel eyes. Skilled & \U0001f49c\U0001f495\U0001f498 very good at what I do... \U0001f49e
\U0001f36dbeautiful \u2728
\U0001f338 SEXY & FLAWLESS!
\U0001f60d blessed with curves in all the right places..
\U0001f4a6Hours. Multi-Hours, Overnights & Two-Girl Shows\U0001f46f\U0001f451
ALWAYS Clean \U0001f338\U0001f6bf
\U0001f31f Serious callers only.
Safe && Discrete
Call or Text : 917-379-3376 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9173793376'], 'createdon': 1508764740, 'pid': 24492693, 'phone': '9173793376', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136102050, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136102050, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '1bac6469893594b70a550b1322e85eb2', 'post_id': 24492693, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '1/b/a/c/1bac6469893594b70a550b1322e85eb2', 'full_path': '1/b/a/c/1bac6469893594b70a550b1322e85eb2'}], 'id': 24492693, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '917-379-3376', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f60b\u2728 Sexy, Classy & Curvy brunette \U0001f451 ', 'age': 23, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Manhattan, Midtown West', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 4
{'body': u" Hey !
I am a simply kind of a girl next door.
I'm 21 (finally\U0001f64c\U0001f3fb\U0001f605)
And feeling playful and naughty

I don't know how this all working , but I can guarantee a good time , because I'm a sucker for fun\U0001f618\U0001f60e so we can take a little advantage of our time together ,right ?

Please txt me , I'll get back to you if I'm free

Cheers , Alexis \u2764\ufe0f 347-462-5805 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['3474625805'], 'createdon': 1508764740, 'pid': 23794441, 'phone': '3474625805', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 131949328, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 131949328, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '3ab2f8aac2a8ba9a853703bb747c9f63', 'post_id': 23794441, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '3/a/b/2/3ab2f8aac2a8ba9a853703bb747c9f63', 'full_path': '3/a/b/2/3ab2f8aac2a8ba9a853703bb747c9f63'}], 'id': 23794441, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '347-462-5805', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f525\U0001f460\U0001f451 just turned 21 aNd rEaDy fOr fUn !!! YOUNG AND SOphiISTICATED ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Manhattan, Midtown West', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 5
{'body': u' I am the perfect mix of SEXY and SWEET topped off with a WILD personality.

\u2605I am the complete package *Guaranteed!
\u2606From the Moment we meet, you will be the center of my Attention & Affection \U0001f48b

\U0001f499\u21ddLeT Me B\u2248L\u2248O\u2248W\U0001f4a8 your Mind\u21dc\U0001f4ad
\U0001f499My Attitude Will AMAZE You\U0001f601\U0001f601
\U0001f499My Looks Will SEDUCE You \U0001f445\U0001f445
OUTS ONLY \U0001f699 I come to you
Angel (516)-441-8661
', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['5164418661'], 'createdon': 1508764680, 'pid': 24460149, 'phone': '5164418661', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135900748, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135900748, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '157056830315ac5a2604351f725ffa24', 'post_id': 24460149, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '1/5/7/0/157056830315ac5a2604351f725ffa24', 'full_path': '1/5/7/0/157056830315ac5a2604351f725ffa24'}], 'id': 24460149, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '516-441-8661', 'videos': [], 'title': u"The Perfect Treat\U0001f36d\u2130\uff56\uff45\uff52\uff59 \u2133\uff41\uff4e'\uff53 \u2131\uff41\uff4e\uff54\uff41\uff53\uff59\U0001f4a6\U0001f445g\u03c3\u03c3d g\u03b9\u044f\u2113\u2022\u03c9\u03b9\u0442h\u2022\u03b7\u03b1\u03c5gh\u0442\u0443 Habits\U0001f31f ", 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Islip, Long Island, YOUR PLACE', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 6
{'body': u"My Place Only upper Harlem Hamilton Heights.\nSorry i Don't travel...\nVery Reasonable and Open mined...", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'mp', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9293767913'], 'createdon': 1508764664, 'pid': 24108003, 'phone': '9293767913', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 133719659, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 133719659, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '6855dffadb75e919d8c9b5c4c4216b39', 'post_id': 24108003, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '6/8/5/5/6855dffadb75e919d8c9b5c4c4216b39', 'full_path': '6/8/5/5/6855dffadb75e919d8c9b5c4c4216b39'}], 'id': 24108003, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '929-376-7913', 'videos': [], 'title': u'This Mixed Latina Got it...', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Upper Harlem Hamilton Heights', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': 'hellupnharlem@gmail.com'} 7 {'body': u" No games I'm real come play with me .Looking for decent gentleman with intentions of a mutually beneficial encounter, I'm fetish friendly and open-minded I am independent anyone who flakes will be blockedI don't discriminate but please no affiliation with law enforcement .. I look forward to seeing you call to schedule an appointment or text no explicited messagesAppointment only
See you soon ***++929/275/6692 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9292756692'], 'createdon': 1508764620, 'pid': 24504746, 'phone': '9292756692', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136176005, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136176005, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'aabd7e54d000488c9d2b0d8e954db462', 'post_id': 24504746, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'a/a/b/d/aabd7e54d000488c9d2b0d8e954db462', 'full_path': 'a/a/b/d/aabd7e54d000488c9d2b0d8e954db462'}], 'id': 24504746, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '929-275-6692', 'videos': [{'hash_content': None, 'vid': 2583824, 'link': 1, 'file_size': None, 'id': 2583824, 'cover_path': 'b/5/3/1/b5311c59967380854a853b3789dc745f', 'name': '538b17ff85cb1b003643099ed558254e', 'cover_name': 'b5311c59967380854a853b3789dc745f', 'video_path': '5/3/8/b/538b17ff85cb1b003643099ed558254e', 'cover': 'b5311c59967380854a853b3789dc745f', 'full_path': '5/3/8/b/538b17ff85cb1b003643099ed558254e', 'video_name': '538b17ff85cb1b003643099ed558254e'}], 'title': u'***Colombian(LILY) Very talented No rushes# INS#JFK ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Flushing, Jamaica, Ozone Park, Queens, Queens long island city', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 8
{'body': u" Hello fellas my name is Hazel \u2764\ufe0f
22 year young \U0001f338
African & Carribean decent
Are you looking to have a good time baby? \U0001f60b Come play with me in my private/ discreet homeI HAVE TOYS \U0001f4a6
\U0001f4af real pics \U0001f4af independent \U0001f4af clean
NO GAMES \U0001f645\U0001f3fe SERIOUS CALLS REQUIRED\u203c\ufe0f
6468490848 Let's have some fun \U0001f618\U0001f618\U0001f618 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['6468490848'], 'createdon': 1508764620, 'pid': 24502801, 'phone': '6468490848', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136164464, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136164464, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'e9a373bca68a936645619af7be134bf2', 'post_id': 24502801, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'e/9/a/3/e9a373bca68a936645619af7be134bf2', 'full_path': 'e/9/a/3/e9a373bca68a936645619af7be134bf2'}], 'id': 24502801, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '646-849-0848', 'videos': [{'hash_content': None, 'vid': 2583458, 'link': 1, 'file_size': None, 'id': 2583458, 'cover_path': '0/a/4/0/0a4087bf2c3675ffb8553865d7fc29ac', 'name': '107d6278a8f32d24796e752237a0024f', 'cover_name': '0a4087bf2c3675ffb8553865d7fc29ac', 'video_path': '1/0/7/d/107d6278a8f32d24796e752237a0024f', 'cover': '0a4087bf2c3675ffb8553865d7fc29ac', 'full_path': '1/0/7/d/107d6278a8f32d24796e752237a0024f', 'video_name': '107d6278a8f32d24796e752237a0024f'}], 'title': u'6468490848 \U0001f984 Hazel \U0001f495 African & Carribean Goddess \U0001f497 ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Brooklyn, Canarsie and Flatbush Brooklyn', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 9
{'body': u' Hi Gentlemen, \u2764\ufe0f My name is Maya. Do you want to have fun with a Young & Sexy angel?!\U0001f451\U0001f607
\u2661 *I am Super Sweet and Intimate *All of my pictures are real and recent*** \u2605
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BASEMENT,40TH RD & COLLEGE POINT BLVD, FLUSHINGPARK YOUR CAR AT SKYVIEW CENTER ACROSS STREET ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9293913777'], 'createdon': 1508764260, 'pid': 24420691, 'phone': '9293913777', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135654829, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135654829, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '5742194a8acffdad7f61d6699b417290', 'post_id': 24420691, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '5/7/4/2/5742194a8acffdad7f61d6699b417290', 'full_path': '5/7/4/2/5742194a8acffdad7f61d6699b417290'}], 'id': 24420691, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '929-391-3777', 'videos': [], 'title': u'f\U0001f305LATINA/ASIAN Doing NURU\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\U0001f532\U0001f534\U0001f532\u25ac\u25ac NONE STOP 24 HRS - BE A King!\u3000\u25ac\u25ac\U0001f532\U0001f534\U0001f532\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac\u25ac \U0001f305 ', 'age': 23, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'131-42 40 RD & College Point BlV, Flush, Flushing, Queens', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 16
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46st 5ave midtown west Manhattan ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['9293768066'], 'createdon': 1508763960, 'pid': 24505991, 'phone': '9293768066', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136183150, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136183150, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '3ccc6a929003b7ec89a7c327f4f133ff', 'post_id': 24505991, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '3/c/c/c/3ccc6a929003b7ec89a7c327f4f133ff', 'full_path': '3/c/c/c/3ccc6a929003b7ec89a7c327f4f133ff'}], 'id': 24505991, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '929-376-8066', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258aGGG\U0001f535FF \U0001f535EEE\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\u258a\U0001f535NO FAKE PHOTOS\U0001f535\U0001f535\U0001f535 Pleasure B2B\U0001f535 NURU Massage\U0001f535\U0001f535\U0001f53534DDs \U0001f49cBIG \U0001f49cJUICY\U0001f49cASS\U0001f535\U0001f535\U0001f535 ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Manhattan, Midtown West, \U0001f496\U0001f496\U0001f496\U0001f496\U0001f496 Midtown 46st 5 & 6ave \U0001f496\U0001f496\U0001f496\U0001f496\U0001f496 45st', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 22

{'body': u" \U0001f31f\U0001f49eCaramel patricia \U0001f392\U0001f31f love\U0001f499\U0001f31f I have a very friendly, Outgoing personality with an Angelic\U0001f48b face and devilish curves to match I can guarantee u a moment of Unforgettable events\U0001f499\U0001f49d\U0001f31f\U0001f49eI'm the perfect combination of\U0001f36c\U0001f36csweet&spicyy \U0001f618

Call me : \U0001f457. 1(760)474-3131 ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['7604743131'], 'createdon': 1508763900, 'pid': 24481364, 'phone': '7604743131', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136031891, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136031891, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'bd73fd8920661d0b4c53e26a421121c4', 'post_id': 24481364, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'b/d/7/3/bd73fd8920661d0b4c53e26a421121c4', 'full_path': 'b/d/7/3/bd73fd8920661d0b4c53e26a421121c4'}], 'id': 24481364, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '760-474-3131', 'videos': [{'hash_content': None, 'vid': 2579088, 'link': 1, 'file_size': None, 'id': 2579088, 'cover_path': 'c/f/2/4/cf24387e257bfe3d5f08ad2ffb35143e', 'name': 'a7bba13fd9f43b4a8f743954cfe55ac5', 'cover_name': 'cf24387e257bfe3d5f08ad2ffb35143e', 'video_path': 'a/7/b/b/a7bba13fd9f43b4a8f743954cfe55ac5', 'cover': 'cf24387e257bfe3d5f08ad2ffb35143e', 'full_path': 'a/7/b/b/a7bba13fd9f43b4a8f743954cfe55ac5', 'video_name': 'a7bba13fd9f43b4a8f743954cfe55ac5'}], 'title': u'\U0001f48d\U0001f528 elmsford \U0001f457\U0001f528\U0001f48b\U0001f459 \u2197\ufe0fPRATICIA \u2b50\ufe0f Super\U0001f525\U0001f48b freaky young college girl\U0001f37c\U0001f459100% Latina \U0001f4a5 ', 'age': 24, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Elmsford \U0001f48d\U0001f48b, Westchester', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 23
{'body': u" Hello gentleman\U0001f339are you having a long rough day?? \U0001f60fDo you need to relax\U0001f486\U0001f3fb\u200d\u2642\ufe0f and release some stress\U0001f4a6\U0001f98a
Well \U0001f440 no further
I'm visiting & I Drive \U0001f697\U0001f6e3\u263a\ufe0f
\u2728Protected &Unrush \U0001f44c\U0001f3fd\u203c\ufe0f
The pics above are 100 % me\u203c\ufe0f
\u2705\U0001f927Hygiene is a must\u2705\U0001f6bf\U0001f6c1
\U0001f60eRespectful men only \U0001f44d\U0001f3fc\u2757\ufe0f
*\U0001f51dVery clean and professional *\u203c\ufe0f
\U0001f36d\U0001f4a6available for multiple hrs\U0001f445\U0001f61d\U0001f4a6\U0001f4a6
\U0001f6abNo pic sending\u274c
\U0001f6abNo African Americans \u274c
\U0001f6abNo Blocked Calls\u274c
\U0001f6abNo explicit Language \u274c
Please Be Straight Forward & Respectful \U0001f496
\U0001f377 \U0001f36dStella B \U0001f36d .\U0001f377
\U0001f46f\U0001f4a6ASK ABOUT MY GIRLFRIEND\U0001f61b\U0001f46d ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['3473450500'], 'createdon': 1508763660, 'pid': 24463410, 'phone': '3473450500', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135921106, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135921106, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '2a609e45b034e7f8b9ac1dd8789cec64', 'post_id': 24463410, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '2/a/6/0/2a609e45b034e7f8b9ac1dd8789cec64', 'full_path': '2/a/6/0/2a609e45b034e7f8b9ac1dd8789cec64'}], 'id': 24463410, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '347-345-0500', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f49c\u13bbigh \u13dflass\U0001f48e \U0001f334MiXED \u15f7\xd6\u15f0BSHELL\U0001f445\U0001f4a6 \u13dfat\u03adri\u03b7g T\xd6 \U0001f496 U\u146d\u1515C\u13aa\u13de\u13ac MEN \U0001f6abSTOP SCROLLiNG\U0001f6ab ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Coram,Medford,Lindenhurst,Selden,Hampt, Long Island, Smithtown', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 24
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NO CHEAP MEN im preg\U0001f930nant
very discrete real & prvt please do not ask for pictures
646\U0001f930\U0001f930547\U0001f930\U0001f9302716 do not ask me for full service do not ask me explicit questionsNURU AND PROSTATE BODYRUB I LOVE WHITE BOYS AND JEWISH MEN ESPECIALLY SISSY BOYS WHO LOVE TO WORSHIP ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['6465472716'], 'createdon': 1508763360, 'pid': 24505907, 'phone': '6465472716', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136182645, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136182645, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '9ffc02a7ebc3b47dd5e0c3c13d8c2bb7', 'post_id': 24505907, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '9/f/f/c/9ffc02a7ebc3b47dd5e0c3c13d8c2bb7', 'full_path': '9/f/f/c/9ffc02a7ebc3b47dd5e0c3c13d8c2bb7'}], 'id': 24505907, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '646-547-2716', 'videos': [], 'title': u'cutie & sexy bubble booty \U0001f49a\U0001f499\u2764 mi casa only ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Bronx, jerome yankee stadium 4 & d train', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 26
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\u2776 ** 100% Real Beauty..
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\u255a\xbb \u2605Satisfying Experience

*\xb0\u2022*\u2606*\u2022\xb0* *\xb0\u2022*\u2606*\u2022\xb0*
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24/7 DELIVERY TO YOU ! ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['6466680898'], 'createdon': 1508763360, 'pid': 24414077, 'phone': '6466680898', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 135612909, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 135612909, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '2df0cabaca6ccdd23f286204130d3134', 'post_id': 24414077, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '2/d/f/0/2df0cabaca6ccdd23f286204130d3134', 'full_path': '2/d/f/0/2df0cabaca6ccdd23f286204130d3134'}], 'id': 24414077, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '646-668-0898', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\u2590\U0001f49f\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583 24/7\u2605 DELIVERY\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2590 \U0001f496\u2590 JAPANESE ASIAN GIRL\u2590 \U0001f496\u2590 \u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2590 HoT SEXY\u2590\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583\u2583 ', 'age': 21, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Brooklyn, \u2776\u2776\u2776\u2776\u201424 and hr\u2014Reservation\u2014Coming\u2014To\u2014U\u2014\u2776\u2776\u2776\U0001f459', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 27
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\u274eNo hotels.
\u274eNo Clients Under 25. NO Exceptions.
\u274eNo texting apps or blocked numbers. ", 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['3479565079'], 'createdon': 1508763300, 'pid': 21439669, 'phone': '3479565079', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 119215181, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 119215181, 'idomain': 'img2.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': 'aebbb04662c4ef1d110102c7899c0945', 'post_id': 21439669, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': 'a/e/b/b/aebbb04662c4ef1d110102c7899c0945', 'full_path': 'a/e/b/b/aebbb04662c4ef1d110102c7899c0945'}], 'id': 21439669, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '347-956-5079', 'videos': [], 'title': u'\U0001f34cYuM\U0001f496 C\u24deM\u24d4 \u2606GeT\U0001f36dYoU\U0001f445 \xa7\u24dem\u24d4\U0001f36d \u2726\U0001f49e AMAZiNG SKiLLS\U0001f339T\u272aTAL \u274c \U0001f44a KN\u272aCK\u272auTs \u274c \u2764\u239d\u23e0 \u23dd \u23e0\u23a0\u2764 ', 'age': 25, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Manhattan, Midtown West, MIDTOWN\u2764\u239d\u23e0 \u23dd \u23e0\u23a0\u2764CALL NOW', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 28
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and foreign light skin
4104978700 ', 'map': None, 'reviews_count': None, 'source_name': 'sc', 'complete': None, 'haspic': None, 'show': None, 'city_id': None, 'phones': ['4104978700'], 'createdon': 1508763060, 'pid': 24505928, 'phone': '4104978700', 'link': None, 'sponsor': 0, 'reply': None, 'images': [{'hash_content': '', 'iid': 136182743, 'link': 1, 'file_size': 0, 'get_user_id': None, 'id': 136182743, 'idomain': 'img1.lodef.net/imgs', 'name': '1f5e6d287ab7ed12113b0600679b57b1', 'post_id': 24505928, 'dhash_content': '', 'name_path': '1/f/5/e/1f5e6d287ab7ed12113b0600679b57b1', 'full_path': '1/f/5/e/1f5e6d287ab7ed12113b0600679b57b1'}], 'id': 24505928, 'tags': [], 'repost': None, 'niches': [], 'escort_id': None, 'view_phone': '410-497-8700', 'videos': [{'hash_content': None, 'vid': 2584062, 'link': 1, 'file_size': None, 'id': 2584062, 'cover_path': '8/8/f/9/88f9d25050affc58c6a0e4750960d313', 'name': 'ca25e4098a569fa5e54f8047d572d126', 'cover_name': '88f9d25050affc58c6a0e4750960d313', 'video_path': 'c/a/2/5/ca25e4098a569fa5e54f8047d572d126', 'cover': '88f9d25050affc58c6a0e4750960d313', 'full_path': 'c/a/2/5/ca25e4098a569fa5e54f8047d572d126', 'video_name': 'ca25e4098a569fa5e54f8047d572d126'}], 'title': u'Foreign & seduction ', 'age': 22, 'views': None, 'listdate': False, 'source': None, 'internal': None, 'location': u'Jamaica, Queens', 'source_id': None, 'createdsys': None, 'email': ''} 30
Foreign & seduction
Posted: 04:51 AM
{'body': u" I can be your best friend, or your demanding Mistress, just let your fantasies run wild
Dreams are beyond value, so don't waste yours. Call me for a very special time together and realize your desires ...Your secrets is safe with Me..
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{'body': u" \U0001f459\U0001f381MyBodyIsY\U0001f609urParty\U0001f459\U0001f381 I'LL DO WHAT SHE WON'T\U0001f445
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Wood morning
Posted: 04:31 AM
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I'm the ultimate frisky friend and offer grade A \u2714\ufe0fcompanionship.
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No time \U0001f6ab\u23f0for games or drama! Please no blocked calls or text messages.
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